The Cadillac of Tiny Homes complete with Solar Power and Transportable

The more I see these tiny homes, the more I like them.  I’m from the Metro New York City area and over the years I’ve become accustomed to what I call “Shoe Box Living”, a term which New Yorkers can identify with.  With more individuals and families downsizing and living the “Minimalist Lifestyle”  (Check out the and on Netflix), many are starting to re think being burdened with a 15 or 30m year mortgage and turning to living a mobile lifestyle off the grid in a Tiny Home.

Whats cool about these Tiny Homes is that they are portable and if you don’t like where you are located, you can simply hook it up to a truck and find a new place to live. How’s that for not being tied down!  What a way to retire! The incredible home above is The Cadillac of Tiny Homes constructed by boat builder and cabinet maker Jeff Hobbs who has taken Tiny House construction to the next level. It’s packed with clever design features, high quality materials and sustainable technologies.

Checkout Bryce from  Living Big in a Tiny House  who travels and documents the very best tiny homes, alternative dwellings and stories of downsized, eco-friendly living.  Check out his website and YouTube channel to learn more about this fascinating lifestyle.

A Very Affordable and Mobile Tiny Homes