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A Very Special Tribute To My Mom on Mothers Day

This past weekend on July 3rd marks the second anniversary of the passing of my mom, Rita (Tardif) Garboski, 87 of Middletown, Connecticut, the wife of my dad, the late George Garboski. She had passed on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at Middlesex Health Care Center, in Middletown, CT, My home town. I created a special tribute video which I hope you enjoy featuring musical artist Marty Q .

She was born in Lac-Baker, New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of the late Joseph and Eva Marie (Daigle) Tardif. I have very fond memories of Lac-Baker as a kid.  As a family we would go there to visit my Grandfather and Grandmother, who lived on the edge of the lake.

The Village de Lac Baker has some real interesting history going back to the late 1800’s.  Most of the families who came to Baker Lake before 1873 were nearly all of French Canadian origin. Some family names were: Soucy, Pelletier, Caron, Nadeau, Garrity (the only Irish), Boutot, Caouette and Tardif.

My mom, Rita Tardif was born August 10 1927. There are a few great websites that have the history behind the village which even mentions my grandfather, Joseph Tardif, who was born in Lac Baker on 07/15/1878.  Check out Lac De Baker Website .

On the photo on the left, the white house was where my grandparents lived for many years.  I remember that house as a kid and our grandfather taking us fishing in the lake.  Visiting that village is definitely on my bucket list.

Make sure you visit this site and check out some of the blog posts I will create with more updates. I wanted to get the tribute video posted on the site on her anniversary but will continue to post more content about the celebration of my mom’s life.




Is Living Small In A Tiny Home The Way To Go?


The Cadillac of Tiny Homes complete with Solar Power and Transportable

The more I see these tiny homes, the more I like them.  I’m from the Metro New York City area and over the years I’ve become accustomed to what I call “Shoe Box Living”, a term which New Yorkers can identify with.  With more individuals and families downsizing and living the “Minimalist Lifestyle”  (Check out the and on Netflix), many are starting to re think being burdened with a 15 or 30m year mortgage and turning to living a mobile lifestyle off the grid in a Tiny Home.

Whats cool about these Tiny Homes is that they are portable and if you don’t like where you are located, you can simply hook it up to a truck and find a new place to live. How’s that for not being tied down!  What a way to retire! The incredible home above is The Cadillac of Tiny Homes constructed by boat builder and cabinet maker Jeff Hobbs who has taken Tiny House construction to the next level. It’s packed with clever design features, high quality materials and sustainable technologies.

Checkout Bryce from  Living Big in a Tiny House  who travels and documents the very best tiny homes, alternative dwellings and stories of downsized, eco-friendly living.  Check out his website and YouTube channel to learn more about this fascinating lifestyle.

A Very Affordable and Mobile Tiny Homes

21st Anniversary of Marty Q & Bobby Pickett Live


21 years ago I produced a live music video featuring the very talented Marty Q and Bobby Pickett at the Downtown Cafe in Bristol, Connecticut. Marty Q is an International Recording Artist selling music to more than 1 Million people worldwide. Marty is a Pop/Rock and Jazz Singer/Songwriter, Saxophonist and Guitarist. He was voted New Haven County’s Best Local Musician 4 times and has reached #12 on Billboard Airplay charts with his hit song “Table for 2” in the Smooth Jazz Genre. You can learn more about Marty at MartyQ.Net

Equally talented is Bobby Pickett, who plays the guitar, harmonica and is also a very talented vocalist. At the time of this video, Marty and Bobby had produced and performed their famous CD entitled Brainforest which consisted of all original music with many of the songs they produced and performed that are in this live video. Today Bobby has branched out adding another musical instrument to his arsenal, the electric fiddle. Bobby continues to write and perform today, 21 years later.

Out of the 100+ shows that I produced in my first five seasons, this was my chance to produce a live event outside the normal technology based shows I was hosting and producing. Looking back, it’s pretty amazing how much technology has changed since then. When this video was produced in 1996, there was no Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The Internet was pretty much dial up, Broadband was not quite in the picture yet, and we were using Super VHS tapes in the cameras. We did however have digital editing using an Avid digital editing system to perform most of the editing functions.

This event could have never been pulled off without the great production crew I had. One of my three awards in my five initial seasons was for this video. Special thanks for the production crew that helped pull off this event.

Executive Producer

  • Rich Garboski


  • Aaron Paris
  • Dan Morrison

Camera Operators

  • Wilson Jordan
  • Mark Ciarlo
  • James Pina

Technical Engineer/Audio

  • Al Coles


  • Rich Garboski
  • Aaron Paris
  • Dan Morrison
  • Lisa Leary-Lowry

Crowd Warmer/MC

  • Lisa Leary Lowry

Enjoy the show and feel free to share this video! Were talking about a reunion show so stay tuned.

Everybody Dies, But Not Everyone Lives

From time to time I run across his inspirational postings on social media and really enjoy them.  You need to check him out, he has inspired many including myself. His name is Richard Williams, better known by his stage name Prince EA and is an American rapper, spoken word artist, music video director and rights activist.

He is from St Louis, Missouri and has a real interesting life story. Visit his web site, support him, and listen to what he has to say, it might make you re think what life is really about.  On his website there’s a library of motivational videos you can check out.

I once heard a quote from another inspirational speaker, Les Brown who said  “The wealthiest place on the planet is the grave yard, because in the graveyard we will find inventions that we were never ever exposed to, ideas, dreams that never became a reality, hopes and aspirations that were never acted upon. Greatness is a lot of small things done well”

Start living, find your purpose, use your gift, pursue your dreams and check out Enjoy!

The Historic Evacuation Day in New York City

While everyone nationwide is enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend, New Yorker’s celebrate a special day that goes back to 1783, Evacuation Day.

It is celebrated on November 25th every year in lower Manhattan celebrating when the British left Manhattan island after what was the end of the of the American Revolutionary War. A little unknown fact is that there were many battles that were fought here in New York City and at one time New York City was under martial law and occupied by the British.

Fraunces Tavern in lower Manhattan  still stands today and in celebration of Evacuation Day we bring back my interview of Jessica Baldwin Phillips, Executive Director of Fraunces Tavern Museum, who tells some of the stories going back to 1783 including Evacuation Day.

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