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Anyone who has crossed paths with me knows that I’m pretty much all about technology 24/7.  I’ve been dabbling in technology since 1975 when I first built and operated a licensed Amateur “Ham” radio station as a hobby. That what gave me the bug and I would go on to pursue a career in technology for my entire life both personally and professionally.

I think when humanity looks back over the last 50 years, it should view these past few decades and call it the “Technology Revolution”, very much like the growth of the industrial revolution in the early 1800’s. I can just imagine where technology will be in another 20-30 years! One thing for sure is in the world of technology, you never get bored and are always learning!

Rich Garboski and Mark Mokosky operating my Ham radio station during a contest in 1978

Rich Garboski and Mark Mokosky operating my Ham radio station during a contest in 1978

The last 42 years has been an incredible journey. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked in numerous industries over the last 40+ years. While I was pursuing my education in electrical engineering, my start began by repairing televisions, radios, and stereo equipment back when vacuum tubes were the components of choice. Remember those?  Since then, the transistor gave way to miniaturized digital logic components such as the microprocessor and now nano technology represents the future. While all these advancements have occurred, the principles of electricity and electronic components remain the same.

A good part of my career was spent in the voice and data communications industries working on telephone systems, data communications networks and on Wall Street financial trading platforms. I rolled out trading floors in New York City and other major financial markets and during the “Bell System” break up in the 1980’s I worked in the telephone and data communications industries deploying wide are networks long before the Internet was born.

When the personal computer industry was born, I had one of the first commercially available computers and provided computers and local area networks to businesses when they first hit the street.  Soon after that the Internet came and I dived into that as well. But one of the coolest industries I spent some time in was in manufacturing, when computerized machine tools and robotics were just starting to take off. Now were seeing the IoT, the Internet of things driving manufacturing infrastructure.

Today in my professional life I provide technology consulting/advisory services to both small businesses and the enterprise designing and deploying voice and data infrastructure for my clients throughout the world. On my web site you can learn more about what I do whether it be their computer networks, phone systems, website applications, or cloud infrastructure.


On eTech.TV, I Interviewed Dr Henning Schultzrinne, Professor at Columbia University, EX CTO of the FCC and Co author of VoIP , SIP and RTP internet protocols

While I’ve continued to work in the field of technology, what I enjoy doing the most is talking about technology on my TV show, eTech.TV  Over the years I’ve  interviewed a few legends along the way and won a few awards for being an “Outstanding Educational/Instructional Series”, “Outstanding Editing”, and “Best Technical Effects” .   You can watch the show by visiting the eTech.TV website.

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