This past weekend on July 3rd marks the second anniversary of the passing of my mom, Rita (Tardif) Garboski, 87 of Middletown, Connecticut, the wife of my dad, the late George Garboski. She had passed on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at Middlesex Health Care Center, in Middletown, CT, My home town. I created a special tribute video which I hope you enjoy featuring musical artist Marty Q .

She was born in Lac-Baker, New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of the late Joseph and Eva Marie (Daigle) Tardif. I have very fond memories of Lac-Baker as a kid.  As a family we would go there to visit my Grandfather and Grandmother, who lived on the edge of the lake.

The Village de Lac Baker has some real interesting history going back to the late 1800’s.  Most of the families who came to Baker Lake before 1873 were nearly all of French Canadian origin. Some family names were: Soucy, Pelletier, Caron, Nadeau, Garrity (the only Irish), Boutot, Caouette and Tardif.

My mom, Rita Tardif was born August 10 1927. There are a few great websites that have the history behind the village which even mentions my grandfather, Joseph Tardif, who was born in Lac Baker on 07/15/1878.  Check out Lac De Baker Website .

On the photo on the left, the white house was where my grandparents lived for many years.  I remember that house as a kid and our grandfather taking us fishing in the lake.  Visiting that village is definitely on my bucket list.

Make sure you visit this site and check out some of the blog posts I will create with more updates. I wanted to get the tribute video posted on the site on her anniversary but will continue to post more content about the celebration of my mom’s life.